Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tribal Tattoo Flash Designs - Get Inspiration From Celebrities

Admit it or not, we always look up on celebrities for almost everything--from fashion to philosophy in life. Why not get inspired from the different tribal tattoo flash designs of famous celebrities? You may copy their tattoo but of course, it's much better to only get inspiration from their tattoos.

Angelina Jolie

She is named as one of the sexiest stars in Hollywood. What makes her sexy is not only the attitude but her many sexy tattoos. One of these is the famous tiger tattoo placed on her back. Recently, she got more tattoos ink on her arms, telling the latitude and longitude of her children's birth places.

Alyssa Milano

Everyone can get "charmed" by the way she looks. But what makes her more appealing are her tribal tattoo flash designs. One of these is the chain with cross tattoo inked on her back.

Nicholas Cage

He is undoubtedly one of the best natural actors in Hollywood. And, oh, he got a lizard tattoo on his upper back. What seems unusual about this tattoo is the hat worn by the lizard.

Shaquille O'Neal

He is undoubtedly one of the most famous NBA basketball players. He got his first tribal tattoo flash inked on after getting okay from his mom. Sure, his mom said yes as long as he chooses "corporate" tattoos.

Pamela Anderson

Who can forget this Baywatch babe and her barbwire tattoo? She popularized the sexiness of armband tattoos. Before this, armband tattoos were only for men with real hard bicep muscles. But she changed this usual view and made armband tattoos look sexy on women.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Girls Tattoos - Extraordinary Cool Tattoos For Girls

In these fashion days, having a tattoo art on different parts of the body have to become in fact a passion for girls. These Tattoos stands for women style as well as fashion. Sometimes they can be appeared as a symbol of love or something else. As there is a multiple range of tattoo design, girls have the options to pick up their particular choice from angel wings, sacred hearts, sparrows, butterflies and so on.

Choice can vary even in girl tattoo designs. Where one girl finds a particular tattoo design sexy, another might take it very cool. As there are available so many cool tattoos for girls in different styles, colors and characters for girls, it is really difficult to say what would be your hottest item.

The most famous and cool tattoos for girls include different designs like a butterfly, tribal, star along with shooting star, flower, fairy, heart, dragonfly, dolphin, Celtic, zodiac. While each of the star tattoos bear a symbolic meaning, heart tattoos represent the sign of romance and love, flower tattoos hold natural beauty along with feminine exclusivity.

To cover whole legs or back, flower pattern tattoos attract many girls. Popular flowers such as daisies, roses, sunflower, lilies, and cherry blossom are commonly found in flower tattoo designs. Besides, the designs like lotus flowers, orchids, peonies, chrysanthemums are some of the name that crossed the attention of many girls.

Butterfly and heart are very cool tattoos for girls and much popular among young girls. Butterfly stands for many symbolic meanings representing simplicity, peace, new life and a new beginning. There is no romantic tattoo like heart. It is very feminine and gives you the opportunity to put your beloved name within it.

When you choose tattoos for girls it should be kept in mind that it is not only drawing a tattoo design rather the tattoo comforts that would be a vital factor for your fashion. Similarly, you should know how to draw tattoos and follow some guidelines to use those properly. Sometimes you might go to the salon or beauty parlor, and sometimes you can make your design by yourself. And always try to keep your tattoo design dry and clean keeping away from sun.